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$100 -2hr Health and Wellness Combo-BestEver!!
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The best and most intense massage I have ever had! Incredible.

Best massage EVER! Greg Hilbert with Healing Massage  in St. Pete ,That includes steam, stones, exfoliation, deep tissue, stretching, and is completely relaxing! I am a new woman ready for Vegas! :) Let me know if you want his number. You will love it! text 7272804478
I personally have never had a massage and have nothing to compare it to, but based on my description of my massage to my friends and family, apparently I had an extremely intense, relaxing and therapeutic massage. I highly reccommend it and will go back!
Best massage I've ever had. And a little communication goes a long way. Greg is very responsive to one's needs, adjusting from soft to deep and vice versa. I came out feeling extremely relaxed. I can't wait for my next appointment.

I was not sure what I was getting into with a couple's massage class, but it was very relaxing and a lot of fun. You get a good massage, great stretching and learn a lot from a massage therapist that listens to you and is not afraid to use/teach some crazy techniques!

Jeannette - Yes, Indeed. Highly recommend him... best secret in town! :)

It was a great experience for my husband and I to learn how to give an effective massage to each other. He used various techniques including heated stones, soap bars,honey, and rolling pins. He showed us how to use hands,fists, knees,feet and body mechanics to give each other a great massage that did not exhaust the massage person. It was actually fun and we plan on going back again.

Greg knows what he is doing. The couples learning massage was great!

Great experience. Really enjoyed the couples' massage class.
-Hour Couples' Massage Lesson or 1-Hour Massage A. Two Hour Couples Learning Massage

Thumbs Down , too Rough!
(Note from Healing Massage ; Please communicate..We believe Deep tissue will be more Relaxing in the long run, relaxing Muscle tensions..)

We had a great time and it was very informative. Would recommend to everybody.

Kat Von Kittie
DUDE ! I just had the CRAZIEST MOST INTENSE MASSAGE EVER @ HealingMassage  St Pete with Greg Hilbert !! There were Hot Stones, a Vibrating contraption, Steam and a Hot Peppermint paddy that made my body Tingly Fresh :-D He walked on me and Stretched me like Laughy Taffy !! I recommend it to anyone who plays Derby or gets the Crap beat out of them on a Daily Basis ;-) !!! Woo — with DeadlyRival RollerDerby At Astro.
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Great learning massage! We were very comfortable with the instructor and enjoyed all of his different techniques!
-Hour Couples' Massage Lesson or 1-Hour Massage A.  Hour Couples Learning Massage

Great Massages!!
Hour Couples' Massage Lesson or 1-Hour Massage B. 60-Minute Massage Enhanced With Steam and Mineral Therapy

You can not get a better massage anywhere
Hour Couples' Massage Lesson or 1-Hour Massage B. 60-Minute Massage Enhanced With Steam and Mineral Therapy

Feel great and the massuer really worked hard on me. He was informative and helpful.

Greg, Thank YOU, a great experience!! Deluxe Combo Massage

It was a great massage and yes, I will be going back.
-Hour Couples' Massage Lesson or 1-Hour Massage B. 60-Minute Massage Enhanced With Steam and Mineral Therapy

Everyone was very helpful & nice. The therapist did a great massage! I probably won't return because I have my own therapist who I usually go to but this was such a good deal I didn't want to pass it up.

Greg is great!

Staff was great and attentive. Definitely worth the $$$. Will look to go back in the future. Thanks for a great experience

Who doesn't love a great massage?! Yesterday's for me was over the top and I mean that totally professionally. I love Healing massage - GREG is amazing. At this ridiculously affordable price of $35 for a hour (When you Buy three)  you get it all - rocks, steam, exfoliated but most of all, you walk out refreshed (not to mention, I love my star fruit treat.) As I have been working out so hard, I have realized that massage plays a huge role in weight loss and body sculpting. You should all try it at least once!

Are you in need of a massage? I had thee best deep tissue massage ever with exfoliation on my back, hot stones, and steam all included for $30 for one hour!!! (Newspaper Special) I highly recommend Greg Hilbert at Medicalmassage on 4th Street in St. Pete!! He is the best massage therapist!! My mom went also and LOVED her massage. It's easy to get to from 275

Healing Massage provided me with the most relaxing and amazing massage. The future prices (after your LS deal) are VERY reasonable and I would HIGHLY recommend them. I plan to return and return and return.............
It's definitely a different type of experience than we've had before. But Greg (the owner/masseuse) is extremely nice, talked us through everything, and my husband really enjoyed this more athletic type of massage. We'll go back.

Unique. Greg is great. Karen f
-Hour Couples' Massage Lesson

I think that his name was Greg that did my back, he was awesome!!

If you want a deep tissue, get-out-all-the-kinks massage - this is the place! Greg was VERY knowledgeable and managed to help get out all the tension in my body. GREAT massage! 2011-11-15

Fantastic massage. I could tell that Greg was very experienced. The deep tissue totally relieved the stress in my body. I will go again and it's a must if you enjoy massage.
Unique massage including some yoga massage techniques. Greg really worked on my problem areas and I'm feeling great again! 2011-11-19
Health Massage provided the best massage I have ever had. My boyfriend & I took the -hour couples class & we enjoyed every minute. Greg showed us some awesome massage techniques to relieve everyday stress & tension for each other. We booked our next appointment before we left. We can't wait for our next visit.

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